Exploring India: The Ultimate Camper Van Adventure

Considering the country’s vastness and diversity, a camper van in India really fits the scene. Camper vans are an emerging trend in India. If you can opt out of travelling in buses and staying in crowded hotels by opting for a camper van in India, it’s not only going to make your journey comfortable but more enjoyable too.

The limits of the human mind are unbound, and so by buying a camper van in India you can break geographical boundaries and vacation anywhere. From the woods to the mountains, pick your spot and drive to the location comfortably with all your luggage. No need to worry about renting a room, for you can pull out your camper van seats and turn them into cozy beds with ample space inside to spend the night.

Camper Van in India

Analyzing the trend of camper van in India

Living a hitchhiker’s lifestyle is something that man has attempted to do. Whether it is hopping from ride to ride while travelling the country, or taking out your own trailer van and living in it comfortably while being on the go, the trend has always been popular amongst those seeking a break from the mundaneness or hecticness of everyday life. It is only of late that people in India are considering this lifestyle option, and the trend might just catch on.

Pros and cons of the camper van trend

By vacationing in a holiday van in India, you get personal space and comfort, and also the independence to go out for a camping vacation anytime and anywhere. Regarded as a motorhome, a camper van has ample amenities inside to transform it into your personal and comfortable living space. For those who fit the lifestyle, and aren’t afraid to embrace that aspect about them, buying a camper van in India is definitely the trendiest thing to do.

Benefits of having a camper van in India

If you do think buying a camper van in India might be a good decision for you, here are a few other reasons that might cement this idea and motivate you to try out this lifestyle:

  • You do not need to worry about finding good rooms or hotels in tourist destinations of your choice. Stay in the comfort of your travel van cum home wherever you go.
  • No fretting about carrying around luggage from place to place. What you have is what you carry around.
  • You get to have your own vehicle that you can use to travel to any location of your choice. No hassles about choosing or looking for travelling modes, just hop into your home and drive away.
  • Your home doesn’t have to be located at a single specific location. You can make any region your home, then once you get bored of it or want to move on, all you need is to look for the next location.

Cons of having a camper van in India

A camper van might cost you relatively more in India, so affordability is definitely a factor. As much as living a life on the go in a camper van in India sounds like a cheap alternative, it can overall lead to higher expenses. Living a hitchhiker’s life but in a van cum home of your own doesn’t exactly fit India’s overall approach as of now. Neither is it the respected way of living. However, all that it means is we need someone to break the trends, so a new one could emerge.

The concept of taking gap years isn’t too accepted in India, and anyone who wishes to live a camper van-based lifestyle is going to get looks of frown from the general society.

There are not too many options for a camper van in India, so people who are looking to buy one would need to buy a generic one then get it modified. This will lead to further expenses and hassle. In addition, since the trend never caught on so well so far, buying a used camper van isn’t something that’s going to come easy.

How the trend might catch on

Since it might be expensive to buy a properly set up camper van in India as of now, and looking for a used one to purchase might not be easy either, one possible option is for travel companies to start renting out camper vans. These vans might be the generic large-sized vans available in India, but modified and customized to suit travel needs and purposes. For example, they might have seats that are convertible into bed forms, space for keeping luggage and basis toilet facilities. If this trend catches on, you might as well rent out a camper van for a few days and drive away to far off locations of your choice, either by yourself or with a group of friends. The government of India is actively promoting tourism via camper vans, as a means to ensure safety and boost economy. Information pertaining to this is available on the government’s website.

Available options for camper van in India

Luxe Camper RV: The Luxe Camper RV is first commercially approved camper van in India designed for travelers in the wake of COVID-19 times. The project is an inception of the government of Karnataka, who is looking to promote tourism within the state while ensuring safety requirements. The van was designed and manufactured by the collaboration of Campervan Camps, which is a Bangalore-based start-up.

The Luxe Camper will be available in case you are traveling to camping locations in India, such as. Modern and luxurious, this camper van in India is loaded with several amenities, some of which are as follows:

  • The camper van has a total of 200 sq. feet, including comfortable seating and bedding. There is even a sunroof right above the bed
  • Luxe Camper is equipped with a TV, a Bluetooth-based music system, an induction stove, water purification system, a microwave oven and fridge, to name just a few. This amenities ensure your trip is well-facilitated, and you will require minimum need for the outside world so you can focus on yourself and your happy time on holiday.
  • It also has a toilet and shower compartment, that provides hot water through the use of solar panels.
  • The camper van boasts of tech-savvy features, such as on-board WiFi, 360-degrees camera and GPS-based navigation system. This not only ensures your convenience, but your safety too in case you are driving around in the wilderness and get lost by drifting too far off.
  • It even houses a separate compartment for your driver and travel guide, who are provided to you by the company. However, in the future, this will be optional as long as you have a valid driving license on you.

You can book the Luxe Camper RV through the company’s website, and set out on an exciting adventure away from the cities. A two days long trip by hiring the Luxe Camper services will cost you anywhere between INR 25,000 and INR 30,000, depending on the location.

Other current alternatives

Other motorhome services: There are other services provided that work on the same theme as the Luxe Camper. For example, you can opt for Camping Go and go on their trailer car to anywhere in north-east India, at INR 3,000 per night for two people. Trippy Wheels provides the same service at the same pricing in Karnataka and Goa. Motorhome Adventures is another company based in Delhi that will provide you with the same experience, in Delhi, Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country. They offer services at INR 14,000 per night for a four-person berth.

Customized personal vehicles: Some people are looking to customize their four-vehicles in order to suit travel and camping purposes. Although this can be done on any sort of a vehicle, some of the most popular ones used for this purpose are Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Ford Endeavor, Mahindra Marazzo and Traveler. These are considered as the cheaper alternative to a camper van inb India, and what you can settle for until vehicles like the Luxe Camper RV become available for personal purchasing.


Is the camper van lifestyle legal in India?
Living on the go in a camper van in India is completely legal. You can purchaser a van and modify it to transform it into a camper van without any sorts of hassles or permission. Use your camper van to travel to various locations, and make it your portable home. In addition, several businesses have emerged which offer renting a camper van along with a driver cum guide, in various parts of the country.

What are some vehicles used as a camper van in India?
Mitsubishi Pajero, Ford Matador, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu Vcross, Mahindra Thar and Force Traveller are some of the vehicles popularly modified and customized by people to be used as a camper van in India. Besides, Luxe Camper RV is the first commercially approved camper van that is being manufactured in Bangalore.

How much is the cost for renting a camper van in India?
Depending on the location, it will cost you somewhere between INR 25,000 to INR 30,000-35,000 to rent the Luxe Camper RV for two nights. The camper van allows facilities and amenities for multiple people, and you will have everything that you need available to you in your motorhome during the period of your vacation. The Luxe Camper RV is loaded with luxury amenities to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment on your camping vacation. Other services such as Trippy Wheels will provide you with the mobile home cum camping experience at prices as low as INR 3,000 per night for two people.

What facilities do I get on a camper van in India?
Camper vans in India come equipped with modern and luxury facilities such as a proper toilet and shower area, kitchenette with microwave oven, induction stove and fridge, solar panels, comfortable seating and bedding, shelves, wardrobe facilities, GPS navigation, etc. Besides, if you rent a camper van in India, you also get a river and guide who will stay with you to ensure safety during the trip and maximize convenience.

Are people really choosing the camper van in India?
Albeit a modern trend, a rising number of people are opting to rent a camper van to go on a camping holiday in India these days. This holiday is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet you get the best of amenities to maximum comfort and convenience. The business that is renting out the van will provide you with a drive and guide to accompany you on the trip. This also ensures maximum safety during to trip, motivating people to take a camper van out into the jungles and forests of less-trodden areas and explore the beauty and thrill of such a camping vacation.

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